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Glass splashback images for a modern kitchen

Good splashback images for a modern kitchen To say that there are a couple of images suitable for a kitchen is really nonsense. There are thousands of images that are suitable, however, not all are ready at the right resolution and orientation.

We have selected a view images that are suitable for a modern kitchen.

There are two main places where to install a kitchen splashback. The first is obviously behind the stove and these are mostly portrait types. The other place is behind the work surface and they are mostly landscape or panoramic of nature, i.e. very wide and flat. That limits the number of images available but we will try our best to group the images into three categories to make your choice easy and ensure that you have good quality images that you can use for your splashback.

So the three groups that the images will be divided into are:
Portrait splashback images behind your stoveLandscape splashback imagesPanoramic splashback images for behind work surfacesSplashback image…

Splashbacks with printed images

One of the more popular alternatives to solid glass splashbacks is to print a large high resolution image on the back of the glass. Note that printing an image on the back of you splashback is not cheap, but it is stunning and brings a whole new dynamic inside your kitchen or bathroom.  Due to the cost, smaller pieces of glass is often used as main features or accent points.

You cannot use any image.  It has to be a high resolution image with dimensions at least half the size that you want to print.  So if your glass splashback is going to be 1000 x 500 mm, you should purchase a high resolution 300 dpi image at least half that size. Remember it is not just the size but the resolution that is important. Printing images on the back of a splashback is expensive so don't take any chances. Get the best quality you can afford.
So where to find the best images for your splashback.  You can either take the image yourself, but you have to make sure it is of good quality.  The best place t…

How to measure the splashback panels yourself

You can measure the area on which the solid glass splashbacks must be installed. Just be patient and know where the pitfalls are.  Just remember, no kitchen is perfect. All cupboards are out with a couple of millimetres and it is those millimetres, if added together, determines if the panels will fit or not.  A good tip, right at the beginning, always make the panels slightly shorter if in doubt, since you cannot alter the panel once it has been toughened. Always design the panels slightly smaller than actual, because you cannot alter the size after the glass has been toughened ! So lets look at the kitchen that we would like to install solid glass splashbacks. I will use the one described in the article How to Measure the glass Splashbacks for a quote. We assume the design as in the diagram below.
We have our three panels; Panel A: Behind the stove and goes right up to the ceilingPanel B: on the left and ends against a wall on the left and has one plugPanel C: on the right will be fit…

How to measure the splashback area to get a quote

Measuring the area where the solid glass splashback must go can be a daunting task, and in most cases it is.  It is the one activity that has caused most companies to go under, or potential start-ups to give up. You only have one chance to measure it right, thereafter you're gonna pay if it is wrong.  You cannot cut or alter toughened glass. If you try it will shatter, that is what it is designed to do. One of the reasons why solid glass splashbacks are so expensive is the high risk involved in measuring and installation of the glass. So lets start. Below is a drawing of a typical installation type.  The area where most people want a splashback is coloured grey.
Points to consider before getting quotes or installing the splashback. Where do you want the splashback. The complete upside down "T" or only behind the stove.If only behind the stove, right up to the ceiling or just to the lowest section of the extractor fan.Any other creative areas? This is important since it w…

What colours are available for solid glass splashbacks

Solid glass splashbacks are available in any colour that you can mix. The question should actually be which colours are not available, that is easy, gold.  Gold is very difficult to mix with current technology and apply to the glass.  There are however manufacturers of silver paint that does work on glass.  Since the paint that is used for glass splashbacks is urethane based and used in the automotive industry, you need to obtain the colour code if you would like a specific colour.  PVA paint colours can be converted to urethane mixes, but remember, it is not an exact science, the conversion factor are estimates, so get a couple of samples made before ordering. Is there something like the best colour for a kitchen splashback, no, but there are safe colours. These are; Standard white on standard glass (so it has a green tint which is caused by the iron content of the glass). In my opinion it is the only natural colour that solid glass splashbacks can offer.White painted on low-iron tou…