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Bathroom basin with space on top

There are a plethora of bathroom basins on the market. Most are designed either for aesthetics or price. There are some that are designed to be functional and this one is one of them.

If you have a super large bathroom space should not be a problem. Even free standing bathroom basins that are placed at least 50 cm apart on a double vanity provides ample packing space.

The lack of packing space on a bathroom basin is a problem in small bathrooms with single vanities. If you installed an under mounted unit you have maximised space on top but you sacrifice space under the vanity. It is all a compromise.

The Essence counter top basin is one of those basins that provides some space on top and is suitable for a small bathroom. Ideally it should be placed on a wall mounted vanity.

Another big hidden advantage is it is made from Fireclay which is much stronger than normal ceramic.  It is less prone to cracking and chipping so it is ideal for using when renting out an apartment.