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How to remove mold - eBook

There is always mold in any house. That is just an unfortunate fact. Very few people realise that many of the allergies such as coughing at night, skin irritations, itchy and irritated eyes and smells are caused by mould lurking somewhere in the house. And don't think that mould is only a problem in old houses. Mold will grow anywhere as long as the micro-climate for the spores to grow are suitable.
So where can you find mould. It is actually quite simple, do you have an air conditioner, yes, well that is an excellent place for mold to proliferate. What is worse is that the air conditioner helps the spores of the mold to disperse in the surrounding area, making the infestation so much more serious. It is true that mold will not grow everywhere, it needs a certain micro-climate to grow and spawn, but small micro cracks can be found everywhere, and that is just where they are very happy. It is easy to find mold in bathrooms though, but still, you need expert advice to get rid of i…