Glass splashback images for a modern kitchen

Good splashback images for a modern kitchen

To say that there are a couple of images suitable for a kitchen is really nonsense. There are thousands of images that are suitable, however, not all are ready at the right resolution and orientation.

We have selected a view images that are suitable for a modern kitchen.

There are two main places where to install a kitchen splashback. The first is obviously behind the stove and these are mostly portrait types. The other place is behind the work surface and they are mostly landscape or panoramic of nature, i.e. very wide and flat. That limits the number of images available but we will try our best to group the images into three categories to make your choice easy and ensure that you have good quality images that you can use for your splashback.

So the three groups that the images will be divided into are:
  • Portrait splashback images behind your stove
  • Landscape splashback images
  • Panoramic splashback images for behind work surfaces
  • Splashback images behind the stove
The most popular application for splashback images are behind a stove.  I have listed some from Dreamstime but there are millions more.  I suggest you search for a while until you find the right one for your kitchen style. Remember, once the image is printed on the back of the glass, it cannot be removed or changed.

printed glass splashback stove kitchen flowers

© Photographer: Dtvphoto | Agency:

© Photographer: Photojogtom | Agency:

© Photographer: Vchornyy | Agency:

© Photographer: Martinmolcan | Agency:

So like what you see.  There are millions of images suitable for splashbacks in your kitchen. You don't have to go to Dreamstime, there are many other similar companies that supply similar high quality images that can be used for kitchen splashbacks.

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