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Undermount basins - new bathroom design idea catching on

Undermount bathroom basins - space saving and practical.

When we were young there were only two types of basins available, it was eihter dropped into the vanity top or in stood on top, as in free standing. Now that we have our own homes and have to clean ourselves, there is a new movement towards undermounted basins.  I think one of the reasons other than mentioned above that they are becoming popular is that technology has also come to the party. We have more advanced tools to cut granite and CeaserStone and other hard vanity top products.  The reason why it is so important is that the edges will be exposed, so the installers must do a good job.
So why are undermounts great. Well, there is just more space around the basin. Gone are the edges of a drop-in on which you can place nothing except a floppy-squishy soap bar or toothbrush. Never mind drop-in's, free standing basin look great but it towers over all bathroom items for which you do not have time to search for in the morning…

How to drill custom tap holes in Victoria and Albert baths

How to drill custom tap holes
The drilling of tap holes will be seen as acceptance of quality.
We strongly recommend that you use a suitably qualified installer. Instructions must be adhered to. We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect installation. Victoria & Albert customer service representatives are not qualified to give advice on DIY installations.
QUARRYCAST® is drillable with standard drill bits and hole saws.
a. Locate the centre of the tap ledge for the tap holes using the centre of the overflow hole as a guide. Be sure the tap is located on the flat area on the bath and that there is enough space under the rim to tighten the lock nut. Some of the rounder shaped roll taps only give a little room for error.
N.B. The rim of the Roxburgh, Marlborough, Sorrento,Antibes & Mini Cheshire cannot be drilled for tap holes.
b. Mark the “centre to centre" dimensions of the tap holes required directly onto the rim of the bath using a pencil. Most taps come with a techni…

What adhesive to use with mosaics for my bathroom

Installing mosaics, be it natural stone or glass mosaics, can be a daunting prospect, however, if you follow some basic rules it should not be a problem.
The first thing to consider is the adhesive with which the mosaics must be attached or glued to the wall or floor. Try and use WHITE quick set mosaic adhesive.  The quicker it dries the less chance is there that the mosaic pieces will move and ruining the final design. Using white adhesive will also not affect the colour of either natural stone mosaics such as travertine and sandstone. Grey adhesive tends to percolate into the stone and render the colour slightly dull over time. Although this fact is highly contested by many builders, the only reason is that the white adhesive is more expensive.  Some glass mosaics backing is not solid so a white background will ensure rich colours.  Remember always to use bonding liquid when mixing the adhesive.  This ensures good bonding and it also makes the adhesive water proof.
Applying the adhe…

The ideal kitchen sink for you

How to select a kitchen sink Kitchen sink design Even though the bowl (number size, depth and shape) is the main feature of the kitchen sink, it is not the only thing to bear in mind. You have other options that can make your kitchen sink more user-friendly and provide you with a more functional working area. Over and above deciding on an undermount or drop-in kitchen sink, the following configurations are important.
Drainers extend your working area and allow easy clean-up as well as food preparation. They will also keep the work surface clean and dry.
Kitchen sink designer, Teka, make colander bowls that are available in either half or quarter bowl sizes. They can be used for rinsing, draining, straining and cleaning up. Adding a colander bowl will give you another functioning utensil in and around your kitchen sink. A stunning undermount sink is the Franke Centinox
Ktchen sink size and kitchen bowl capacity Bowl depth, taper and radius are the three basic measurements for comparing…