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Mosaics - the alternative to glass splashbacks in your kithcen

The most popular material used for splashbacks are mosaics. They are easy to install and there are so many to choose from.  Maybe that is why so many people, from architects, interior designers, builders and DIY love them, you can create features that are unique.  There are most likely about 5000 different mosaics available on the market, and that excludes combinations and permutations of mixes. What is great about mosaics is that you can actually do it yourself, it is not that hard and there is space for mistakes which you can rectify, not like solid glass splashbacks.  If you make a measuring error with a toughened piece of glass, that is it, you have to cut and temper and paint a new one. A mosaic splashback can also be created as a mural from a picture, some murals are pieces of artwork and are installed in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Actually, you can install them anywhere you like, even in your pool. The materials range from: crystal glass (not toughened …

Where to get beautiful images for glass splashbacks

"Where to get really good images for your kitchen splashback" That is a good question !  Lets face it, everyone has a camera, so everyone can be a photographer. That does not mean you can use your fantastic images for a splashback. I am sorry to disappoint you but the images you want as a splashback are special.  They have to have that special POP, that je ne sais quoi. You might have bought the latest Nikon D810 or D750 but your images will not make it.  Yes, if they are sentimental, that is different, ask what a buyer will say later on if you want to sell your house?

Anyway, let get on. Let's have a look at some astonishing splashback images that I think are suitable. Note that there are many, if not thousands, each with its own atmosphere and feeling that you want created in your kitchen.  This is not the be and end list of kitchen splashbacks, just the tip of the iceberg.
Stunning kitchen splashback landscapes You really don't have to put these images in your ki…