What colours are available for solid glass splashbacks

Solid glass splashbacks are available in any colour that you can mix. The question should actually be which colours are not available, that is easy, gold.  Gold is very difficult to mix with current technology and apply to the glass.  There are however manufacturers of silver paint that does work on glass.  Since the paint that is used for glass splashbacks is urethane based and used in the automotive industry, you need to obtain the colour code if you would like a specific colour.  PVA paint colours can be converted to urethane mixes, but remember, it is not an exact science, the conversion factor are estimates, so get a couple of samples made before ordering.
Is there something like the best colour for a kitchen splashback, no, but there are safe colours. These are;
  • Standard white on standard glass (so it has a green tint which is caused by the iron content of the glass). In my opinion it is the only natural colour that solid glass splashbacks can offer.
  • White painted on low-iron toughened glass.  There is about 5% iron left in the glass but the installed glass looks white. This is the safest colour to choose but also the most expensive.
  • many of the reds are safe as well, be careful of orange or purple undertones.
  • Green is one of the favourites, especially colours that are close to the colour of grass.
  • And then there is the classic Taupe. It is one of the favourite colours of any interior designer because it goes with everything.
  • Black. You might think it goes with everything and it does, but you might not be able to see anything.  It just makes the kitchen darker so make sure you have enough light (not down lights, tubular fluorescent lights work best in kitchens) or sunlight to brighten up everything.
Splashback colours can be combined, for instance, behind the stove you can install a red colour and the rest of the kitchen with white, but be very careful and don't overdo it.  The best is to use one colour in the kitchen and another "plain" colour, such as white, in the scullery.
Remember, the paint is applied on the back of the glass splashback, so you see the paint through the glass, not in front. In that case you could just as well paint the wall !!
Colour matching the splashback paint with a PVA is possible, but you must use low-iron glass which makes it very expensive.  no matter what you do, if you use standard glass there will always be a green undertone with light colours. Obviously not with black and strong colours like red or green, but with colours like yellow, light brown, blue etc., there is always a slight colour change. Undertones can also change with different types of lighting. During the day you might find no undertone effect, but switch on your lights and suddenly your kitchen splashback colour does not match the same colour paint on your wall.
So there are many colours available, but always get a sample first since solid glass splashback paint is not a PVA, it is urethane based and the glass quality and colour does have an effect on the final visual appearance.

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