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Jeeves heated towel warmers / rails saves you money

INTRODUCTION Jeeves is South Africa’s leading heated towel rail/warmer manufacturer.Jeeves have been pioneering heated towel rail/warmers craftsmanship and innovation since its inception in 1995.Extensive export programme across six continents (mostly Europe and USA). WHY DO YOU NEED A HEATED TOWEL WARMER/RAIL? COMFORT Constant supply of warm, dry towelsHYGIENE Towels remain damp free preventing mould and germsSAVINGS Electricity & water saving due to reduced washing and tumble drying of towels JEEVES OFFER TWO ADVANCED HEATING TOWEL WARMER OPTIONS ELECTRIC Independent electrically operated units featuring Automatic Heating Technology (AHT)HYDRONIC Non-electric units which are heated by a circulating hot water system (i.e. heat pumps, solar). ELECTRIC HEATING – Automatic Heating Technology (AHT) Jeeves do not rely on constant user input to regulate heat levels and energy consumption via external switches. With Jeeves, the controlling switches are built-in and operate automatically (A…

The Zip Hydroboil White Epoxy Water Boiler

The Zip Hydroboil in Epoxy white with 7.5L water capacity providing 36-45 cups of hot boiling water per hour. The Zip Hydroboil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preperation at the touch of a lever. Designed to operate within 3 degrees of boiling point.
The Zip Hydroboil 7.5L saves energy by not boiling more water than is needed. There is a two way tap control for a cup-full or teapot-full filling.
The Zip Hydroboil 7.5L has a concealed cistern, ensuring the ultimate in hygiene and protects kitchen cupboards from steam damage and it protects the operator against steam scolding, unlike conventional kettles.
The Zip Hydroboil 7.5L saves space by reducing cluttered worktops. Using a Zip Hydroboil 7.5L eliminates the need for kettles, urns an dother exposed power leads.
The Zip Hydroboil 7.5L will save you money since it costs little to run thanks to the dual chamber design, recycling the steam to pre-heat the incoming water.
The Zip Hydroboil comes…

Franke synthetic Fragranite kitchen sink and prep bowl

Franke Admiral Fragranite Composite kitchen sink. Fragranite contains the largest quantity of quartz filler on the market. Why is this important? The reason for using quartz as a filler is for its durability. There are only three natural minerals in the world with a greater solidity; Topaz, Ruby and Diamond. This quartz filler provides the fragranite sink with the best protection against scratching, resisting scorch marks from high temperature pots and pans placed onto the surface, and staining from everyday items such as red wine and coffee. Fragranite contains 74% quartz filler and 26% acrylic resin. The acrylic resin is used to bond the quartz filler together to create the sink form.

Franke ADG 621 Specification Franke Admiral Inset Sink model ADG621, 1160x500mm, unit to be manufactured from Fragranite with a Graphite finish, and supplied complete with 90mm basket strainer waste fittings. Sink to be fitted to kitchen counter top (counter top elsewhere measured).
Franke ADG 610 Spe…

Franke Galileo stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink range

The new Franke Galileo stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink is designed in Italy.  The sink features a unique design, with large bowls and a recessed draining board preventing water from overflowing onto the work surface, the work area will remain dry and hygienic.  The Franke Galileo stainless steel sink features an overflow and 90 mm basket strainer waste fittings.  There are two models to choose from, the smaller Franke Galileo GOX651 and larger Franke Galileo GOX621, please specify when making orders.  Both Franke stainless steel kitchen sinks are manufactured from Austenitic Stainless Steel and comes in a satin finish.  The 90 mm basket strainer waste is supplied with the sink. Plumbing fittings below the sink are not supplied and must be purchased separately.  The
Franke Galileo kitchen sink must be installed as an counter-top or drop-in/inset sink.  

Franke Galileo Stainless Steel double bowl kitchen sink in drop-in format. The sink is simetrical so left and right versions are…

Franke Neptune NEX611 and NEX621 drop-in stainless steel kitchen sink

The Franke Neptune range of stainless steel single and double bowl drop-in kitchen sink range features 200 mm deep bowls.  The sleek stainless steel kitchen sink design and recessed draining boards prevents water splashing on work surfaces, ensuring the work area will remain dry and hygienic.  The Franke Neptune stainless steel kitchen sink features an overflow, a pre-cut tap hole and basket strainer waste fittings.

Franke stainless steel Neptune kitchen sink. The latest in the new line of kitchen sinks from Franke. Available in double or single bowl with drainer.
The Franke Neptune drop-in or inset sink comes with either single bowl with drainer or double bowl with drainer on the left or right hand side (please specify when ordering).  The stainless steel kitchens sinks are made from Austenitic Stainless Steel with a satin finish, and supplied complete with 90 mm strainer waste fittings. The stainless steel kitchen sink must be fitted as a counter top (drop-in or inset).
Note the Frank…