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Metro tiles are ideal for a kitchen splashback

Metro tiles are extremely popular these days and for good reason. They are relatively cheap, easy to install and can be used almost anywhere with good effect. One of the favourite places are behind stoves in the kitchen which serves as a splashback.

Metro tiles are ceramic tiles, they are thin so they cannot be used as floor tiles.

Metro tiles are available in two shapes, bevelled and flat. The most popular are the bevelled types because they create depth. The flat metro tiles are often used in bathrooms and braai areas as splashbacks. Both flat and bevelled metro tiles are available in black or white.
Ceramic tiles have a couple of advantages when used as a splashback, be it in the kitchen or bathroom (even around the braai area). They are glazed, which means fat, grease, oil or any other ingredient will not penetrate the top surface of the tile and cause staining. The top glazed layer is baked so it is extremely hard and will not scratch. Staining and scratching are two of t…

Colourful glazed ceramic splashbacks for the braai area

Let's be honest, there are very view braai areas that don't look like the inside of a steam locomotive. And since it is not used everyday, things with many legs tend to spawn from the various oil and fat layers.

I assume I made my point and let's move on so I can sell you my next idea.  Adding colour to a braai area will not cause any reduction in testosterone levels of any man, even if he likes the Modern Family Show.  I think in the New South Africa we can move on and splatter some colour in our locomotive.

There are a couple of things that we need to consider.  The most important I think is it must be easy to clean.  That is solved by using a glazed ceramic tile.  What does this mean?  The glazing on a ceramic tile means that it is impermeable to any fat, oil or gunk.  Glazing is similar to a layer of glass. Easy to clean.

The Provenza Ceramic tiles (see main image) are ideal for a colourful braai splashback since they are glazed and come in various colours.  What is m…

Colourful hexagonal backsplash made of porcelain

This product is a gem.  It is unique in design and colours and got my attention immediately.  The hexagonal shape is so versatile you are not limited to the kitchen only.  The Esploso Hexagonal tiles can be used as a backsplash in the bathroom, kitchen, braai area, voyer, guest bathroom, well anywhere you want since it is so unique.
Not only does it function as a retro backsplash, but you can use this tile safely on the floor as well.  Just imagine what combinations you can come up with. Splash your bathroom with full retro colours or tough it up in some sections just enough to accentuate the tile and its beautiful colours.

Esploso is also available in more earthy colours for the not so adventurous. The earthy brown, tan and creams with grey undertone is well suited for a backsplash in any kitchen.

be creative and install the patterned Esploso hexagonal tiles with one of three plain coloured hexagonal tiles (6540 - White, 6541 - Light Grey and 6542 - Dark Grey).  So you don't hav…