Where to get beautiful images for glass splashbacks

"Where to get really good images for your kitchen splashback" That is a good question !  Lets face it, everyone has a camera, so everyone can be a photographer. That does not mean you can use your fantastic images for a splashback. I am sorry to disappoint you but the images you want as a splashback are special.  They have to have that special POP, that je ne sais quoi. You might have bought the latest Nikon D810 or D750 but your images will not make it.  Yes, if they are sentimental, that is different, ask what a buyer will say later on if you want to sell your house?

Anyway, let get on. Let's have a look at some astonishing splashback images that I think are suitable. Note that there are many, if not thousands, each with its own atmosphere and feeling that you want created in your kitchen.  This is not the be and end list of kitchen splashbacks, just the tip of the iceberg.

Stunning kitchen splashback landscapes

You really don't have to put these images in your kitchen.  Kitchen splashbacks are just the most popular, but we have has people putting images above the main bedroom bed with fantastic effects. Your creativity will determine how effective and beautiful the splashback will be in your surroundings. Remember, just because you have a very expensive splashback and beautiful image, does not mean that it will be suitable in any location. Just remember the following saying:

Chocolate tastes nice, mustard tastes nice, how nice will chocolate and mustard be!

The image below is very general. I'm not saying it is not good, it is fantastic.  I mean it can be placed anywhere.  Behind the stove, behind the sink, in the foyer, even in the main bathroom somewhere. It is stunning and has that POP I was talking about.

Landscape splashback image

Autumn Pine Forest
© Photographer: Solarseven | Agency: Dreamstime.com

 Some lateral thinking in a corporate world

Here is a little secret, I installed this years ago in someones kitchen. It looked fantastic !!!  You might think it is not possible, some things just boggles the mind. It must have been a genius of an interior decorator or a fantastic insightful wife that thought of something like this.  Needless to say, this was a huge success.  The long point I am trying to make is, don't let your imagination stop you with the type of image you can place in your kitchen (or any other place for that matter)

© Photographer: Mihtiander | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Splashback image for company's

Here is plenty of space for your logo with stunning autumn colours. The leaves focus the attention on your logo. Very cliche but it is an image that works.
Fall leaves
© Photographer: Photka | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Modern living splashback

This image is fantastic in the right environment, I see it more in a passage or bar, not really in a kitchen but that does not mean you cannot do it. Very modern and hype. Very suitable in a modern young house! This image can also be installed with some LED lights behind it to emphasize the lights in the background.
United arab emirates: dubai skyline at night
© Photographer: Taolmor | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Religious splashback

Well here is one that will knock your socks of. What about a splashback in a church.  The great thing about this image is that you can add a LED light just where the sun is coming through to great effect.
A wooden cross with sky
© Photographer: Kevron2001 | Agency: Dreamstime.com
Back to landscape splashbacks

Well this is the last one. Some images are more stretchy than others, like the one below. No need to crop this image, you can apply it easily to a section under your kitchen cupboards. The length of this image makes it extremely easy to apply to various parts of the house. That is one of the things you should think about, a landscape or portrait image.
Green forest in spring
© Photographer: Abey79 | Agency: Dreamstime.com

If you want more images, please place a request and i will try and find one and post it here.


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