How to clean your stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink can last a lifetime but this does not mean we can neglect the care of this essential kitchen item. As a rule, stainless steel’s best friend is cold, clean water or a mild detergent solution, applied with a soft sponge, rinsed well and wiped dry. Here are some of the products or elements that can damage your sink:


Chlorides are found in almost all soaps, detergents and cleaning products and can be damaging to stainless steel. They are water soluble, however, so if you rinse away residues after each use, a weekly scouring is all that is needed to keep your sink looking bright and shiny.


Like most metallic surfaces, your stainless steel sink will scratch. Don’t worry, these are simply usage marks which will eventually blend into the overall finish of the sink.  Use stainless steel cream (very similar to Braso) to remove light scratches and bring a shine back to the sink.

Knives cause a lot of damage:

Your sink is designed to serve as many things but not as a chopping board. This type of use will cause deep scratches in its surface, and will also blunt your knives. For an additional work area, choose from our wide range of chopping boards.

Water Quality is important:

The quality of your water can affect the appearance of your sink. When water has a high iron content, a brown surface stain can form on the sink giving the appearance of rust. Also, in areas with a high concentration of minerals or oversoftened water, a white film may develop on the sink. To combat these problems, we suggest you wipe the sink dry after each use and give it a more thorough clean each week using a recommended abrasive product.

Foods can cause light stains:

Foods containing high levels of salt should not be allowed to dry on the sink surface. Rinse your sink thoroughly after use.  If you do have some stains, cause by the oxidation of some foods, use the stainless steel cream to polish it out.

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