Farmhouse sinks for your kitchen - kitchen ideas don't get better than this

Single white butler sink

Farmhouse sinks for your kitchen.  They are big and beautiful.  Made from engineered stone, which is better than the ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink since they will not chip.  These engineered farmhouse kitchen sinks are the same material right through.  Though ±20mm thick, they look solid and can handle even the biggest stew pots in your kitchen. Although slightly more prone to scratches, they can at least be removed with a 1200 grit waterproof sandpaper. 
Farmhouse kitchen sinks come in a single and double.  They are usually under mounted with a small section sticking out at the front.  That is why the name "apron sink" has also stuck.

In South Africa farmhouse kitchen sinks are also called butler sinks.  The most popular material is engineered stone since it looks just like ceramic.  Engineered stone butler sinks are much less prone to chipping which is a big problem with ceramic sinks.  As a matter of fact we do not recommend using ceramic kitchen sink at all due tot he fact they chip and they damage glassware. Once a ceramic butler sink has chipped there is no way of repairing it.

White double butler sink
Don't confuse butler sinks with bathroom basins. I must say I have seen bathrooms with large sinks, very much the size of a butler sink but that is an overkill. maybe they do a lot of washing :)

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