How to remove mineral stains in your bathroom

Quality of water varies from area to area. The most common problem related to bad water quality is high calcium or mineral content.  This causes white or creamy deposits that are very difficult to remove. The problem is that by the time they start to bother us, it has become so large that it starts looking ugly.

To remove calcium stains from tiles and glass try soaking a cloth in vinegar and lemon juice or make a paste from vinegar and baking soda and soak the affected area. After about 10-15 minutes scrub with a rough sponge and rinse with clean water.  Repeat until all deposits are removed.

Another idea is to use oven cleaner applied to the stains. Scrub with a rough sponge until all marks are gone.  Oxalic acid (Ethanedioic Acid) is also useful but beware, always us protective gloves and glasses since it is poisonous. Although it acts on iron compounds, it might help with calcium deposits since it is also used in automotive radiators to remove scale.

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