The ideal kitchen sink for you

How to select a kitchen sink

Kitchen sink design

Even though the bowl (number size, depth and shape) is the main feature of the kitchen sink, it is not the only thing to bear in mind. You have other options that can make your kitchen sink more user-friendly and provide you with a more functional working area. Over and above deciding on an undermount or drop-in kitchen sink, the following configurations are important.
Drainers extend your working area and allow easy clean-up as well as food preparation. They will also keep the work surface clean and dry.
Kitchen sink designer, Teka, make colander bowls that are available in either half or quarter bowl sizes. They can be used for rinsing, draining, straining and cleaning up. Adding a colander bowl will give you another functioning utensil in and around your kitchen sink. A stunning undermount sink is the Franke Centinox

Ktchen sink size and kitchen bowl capacity

Bowl depth, taper and radius are the three basic measurements for comparing sink sizes. Depth, of course, is the distance from the top of the rim to the bottom of the sink.
Bowl taper is the inward slope of each side of the sink from the rim to the bottom. Radius is the measure of the bowl’s corners and bottom where the sides and bottom meet.
One point to remember:  The deeper the bowl, the straighter the slope, the smaller the radius, the bigger the capacity.

Kitchen sink accessories

Kitchen sink designer, Teka, have optional accessories that let you make the most of your kitchen sink, as they have been specially designed for each individual model.  Crockery baskets, plate racks, colander bowls, chopping boards, waste disposal units etc., will become an indispensable part of your kitchen routine. All these accessories can enhance your experience in your kitchen by making you more productive.
The right care of your kitchen sink accessories will extend their useful lives. Teka colanders, drainer trays and stainless steel baskets should be hand washed, rinsed thoroughly and hand dried. Wooden chopping boards should never be soaked in water – rinse after each use and dry thoroughly.

The ideal kitchen sink waste

All kitchen sinks made by Teka are known around the world for their variety of accessories. Pleasing to look at and, more important sill, enhancing kitchen sink functionality for the user. One such feature is the pop-up basket waste, a practical accessory which can be opened and closed to fill and empty the bowl without direct contact with its contents (e.g. dirty water, detergents….). Most top end kitchen sinks come with a 90 mm pop-up basket waste included in the kitchen sink when you order.  The design of the plumbing system below the kitchen sink is up to the plumber when he installs the kitchen sink.

Stainless steel basket waste

Most of Teka’s sinks incorporate a 90 mm basket waste.  The basket traps the food particles left from washing up, or from cleaning, vegetables or fruits, so the do not block the sewerage system. It can also be removed for cleaning. Teka has not neglected the appearance of the accessory, incorporating unique design features.

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